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"Preview" State
vs "Live Auction" State

The “preview state” is the period when the entire auction catalog is available for viewing and “absentee bids” can be placed on the lots you are interested in.


The “live auction state” takes place on a given day which is provided on the auction catalog page. On the day of the live auction, the auction will proceed lot by lot in numerical order. Each lot will remain open as long as bidders are placing bids. Once a last call is given, typically 10-15 seconds after no additional bids have been made, the lot will be closed and the highest bidder will win the lot.

Placing Your Bids

There are two ways to bid: Absentee bidding vs Live bidding.


“Absentee bids” are placed in advance of the live auction during the “preview state”. Be sure to submit the maximum bid amount you are willing to pay before the live auction begins. Your bid stays at the lowest minimum amount required to keep you in the lead, and increases (up to your max amount) only if another bidder places a competing bid.


“Live bidding” takes place during the “live auction state”. This is when the bidder is placing real time bids during the live auction. On that day, the highest bidder will win the given lot.


Bidders who choose to place an "absentee bid" and are outbid, can either increase their "absentee bid" and/or attend the live auction and place a "live bid".

Creating Your Account

Signing up for your account is easy and safe. Once you’ve completed your profile and entered a valid credit card, you will be registered for the auction and can start placing bids. Create your account here.

I Am the Winning Bidder

Once the auction is over, our team will process the winning lots and an invoice will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days. Once payment is completed, your item(s) will be shipped within 3-5 business. Acceptable payment methods are credit card, bank wire and check. Please allow 3-5 days for clearing on payments made with a check. All credit card payments can be made electronically by clicking the link on your invoice.


Shipping - Sales tax - Buyer’s premium.


All shipping is provided in-house unless specified. Shipping rates are provided in each individual lot. Combined shipping can usually be provided unless it is determined to be unsafe. Combined shipping will be provided on your invoice.


6.625% Sales tax will be charged to New Jersey residents only.


An 18% buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price of the given lot. (The hammer price is the amount the lot sells for).

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